donations and participation

A number of people have asked about donations, so this the way to do it.  Go to .  Select “Other” under Gift Designation and type the solicitation code, lbrun, in the box provided.  And many thanks for this!  All funds are directed to the MD Anderson Breast and Ovarian Cancer Moon Shots Program.  Soon a “My Mission” page may appear for donations, which will streamline the process, but meanwhile, the above is the way to go.  I’ll update this if I have new information.

Folks have also been asking how to participate in the run itself.  Cheering along the route is always welcome.  But if you want to go a step further, do a run on the 17th, and post pictures or video.  A way to do this will go up soon, keep checking back to this location.

Finally, I want to thank Brian, for all his work in the background propping up this blog and getting ready for a potential onslaught of imagery.  You should go here and hire him.


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