finally fell over

I finally went and fell over.  At mile 4.2, running from my house to the start of the Christus Reindeer Run, I bought it on uneven sidewalk and skidded to a halt.  I thought about still running the 5K, until I saw the hold in my knee.  I thought I’d better get that sewn up.  So I tied my bandana around it and limped to the ER.

If you’re going to take yourself out, make sure you do it running to a race that starts at a hospital.  Bonus points if you can make it to the ER under your own power.  Extra bonus points if you’ve been to that hospital a number of times before so they already have all your information.

This is the first time I’ve ever not run a race. Bwah!  I couldn’t stop laughing in the ER.  It was less funny when I was told not to run until the stitches came out.  I made it 7 days, but then I couldn’t get to sleep for 2 hours and had a minor melt down.  Got up at my usual time on Saturday and tried it anyway.  It was fine.  The swelling from my bruising is the thing that hurts.  Can’t really do more than 5 miles until that gets better.



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