new info for spectators, etc.

Here’s the most recent map.  You can figure out the approximate location and time by calculating a 12 minute mile pace from the start with a 7am start.  I thought about ways to do more “live” updates, but everyone will have their hands full – we are a small crew.  Not that this should stop anyone who wants to tweet about it on their own!

Also, press is happening, which is excellent!

Finally, the donation instructions were a little unclear.  Go to the MD Anderson donations page.  Click on the big red DONATE button.  After you fill in your information on page 1, go ahead to page 2.  There you will see a label, “Gift Designation” with a pull down menu.  In that pull down menu, select “other.”  Another box will pop up and in that box fill in the designation code lbrun.  Alas, the My Mission page is still not up yet.

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